The Sons are an up-to-the-minute, old-time outfit based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Their one mic, one take sound is all about live music. Their records are exactly that, a record of a group of people playing music in a room. No overdubs, no autotune, just 100% live Gospel/Blues.

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Alex leads the Sons of Encouragement and is a songwriter, musician and improvising comedian. He is also the worship leader at St Luke’s in Newcastle (@stlukesnewcs). To hear his last solo album head to

As an improvising musician and comedian, he is a member of The Suggestibles, and also appears as an occasional guest with the world famous Comedy Store Players in the west end. Follow him @alexandermross

Lydia graduated in 2012 with a First in Music from Newcastle University. She studied as a singer and did a bit of Opera when she was living in Italy, which was lovely. She sings with various ensembles around Newcastle, some classical ones like the DMA Collective, Newcastle Camerata and Voices of Hope (who performed on BBC Radio 3 recently) and some contemporary ones like Beauty for Ashes Collective. She conducts choirs and orchestras from time to time but really wants to spend the majority of her time writing songs and choral pieces. Otherwise she loves a good G&T, cigars and the Bible. Follow her @lmcwoods and on soundcloud

Harriet sings, plays the piano and the oboe. She plays with a wind quintet, performs with The Line and has collaborated with Guy Schofield on a pioneering project involving live improvisation and computer software. You can find Harriet performing anything from contemporary electro to classical, always in the most amazing and precarious set of heels. You can contact her at

Ian (known primarily as 'Dodge) likes playing bass. In fact he likes it so much he somehow contrives to make a living from it. His bank manager/the tax office might quibble with the phrase 'make a living', but you can never please them anyway. Aside from getting his 'gospel on' with the Sons of Encouragement (and various other NE based musical exploits) he can be found trying to saving the world by growing vegetables, recycling things and generally being a bit of a hippy....well someone's got to do it! Further information on his musical exploits can be found at

Ian is a drummer, journalist, lecturer, father, husband, son, brother, friend and dog-walker. He can also be found keeping time in The Line and once crossed the Atlantic in a snare drum, using only cymbals as paddles. Follow him @wylienet